MADD JAE’Z MUNFASSIL | مد جائز منفصل

Play - Madd Jae'z Munfassil

by Jari Tajwid | Mad Rules



 To PROLONG or EXTEND the sound of mad letter with 4 or 5 harakat



  • ِنَّاۤ أَعۡطَیۡنَـٰكَ ٱلۡكَوۡثَرَ [Al Kauthar 1]
  • ٱنطَلِقُوۤا۟ إِلَىٰ [Al Mursalat 30]
  • فِیۤ أَحۡسَنِ تَقۡوِیمࣲ [At Tin 4]
  • عَلَىٰۤ أَكۡثَرِهِمۡ [Yasin 7]
  • قَوۡمࣰا مَّاۤ أُنذِرَ [ Yasin 6]


Munfasil means separated or split, which is, separated in two words. In terms of terminology, Mad Munfasil means the letter Mad meets Hamzah in two different words.


The rate of harakat for Mad Munfasil is 4 or 5 harakat. This Mad only occurs by continuing the recitation (wasal) only, because if the recitation on the letter Mad is stopped (waqaf) then it returns to its original, which is the Mad Asli which is read only two harakat.



The sign of Mad Munfasil can be identified by looking at the letter Mad followed by the Hamzah after it and having a long Mad’s mark on it. But to ensure that the letter Mad meets Hamzah in one word (Mad Muttasil) or two words (Mad Munfasil) is quite difficult and it requires skills and habits in distinguishing between the two.


It is called Mad Munfasil because of the letters Mad and Hamzah are separated or split into two different words.


  • The hukm for this rule is Jaiz which means that it should be better to prolong or extend the sound. This is because this Mad should be read 4 or 5 harakat according to the narration of Imam Hafs ‘An Asim through the stream of Imam As-Syatibi. This stream is known as Tawasut al-Munfasil which is to extend Mad Munfasil with an intermediate rate of 4 or 5 harakat.
  • But according to the narration of Imam Hafs ‘An Asim through the stream of Imam Al-Jazariah, this Mad Munfasil should be extended with 2 harakat. The stream that reads with these 2 harakat is known as Qasr al-Munfasil means to extend the Mad Munfasil with the rate of 2 harakat only subject to certain conditions.
  • Since the scholars of Qurra ‘do not agree in determining the rate of elongation, then it is Jaiz or should be better to prolong the sound of the Mad letter.